Employee Relations

Objective: To ensure that Service Recipient’s policies, procedures and management practice maintains employee relations at a level that will enable Service Recipient to achieve its objectives and provide equitable and effective ways of resolving disputes and conflicts.

To manage the employee relations agenda to support Service Recipient’s Strategic Review. To facilitate change management, highlight risks to Service Recipient and support managers to remove or minimise these.

To ensure that all employee issues are dealt with promptly and fairly across Service Recipient, with due regard to current legislation and best practice.

In respect of disciplinary/grievance cases Service Provider provides services on:

  • discuss and offer guidance/support on discipline and grievance issues, in order to establish the action required
  • advise on Service Recipient procedure, relevant legislation and the documentation to be sent to the employees concerned
  • advise on undertaking a disciplinary and grievance investigation as appropriate
  • making administrative arrangements for and service disciplinary and grievance panels as appropriate
  • adhere to the principles of natural justice

In respect of absence cases Service Provider provides services on:

  • supporting managers to resolve long term or irregular sickness absence
  • writing to staff of changes to pay as a result of sickness absence
  • advise managers on dealing with absence issues
  • work with those involved in the case to facilitate a return to work, make reasonable adjustments, make arrangements for ill health or early retirement, redeployment and/or any variation to contracts of employment

In respect of change management Service Provider provides services on:

  • reviewing staff job descriptions and undertake any job analysis and job evaluation procedures
  • support, advise and assist managers in reorganisation or restructuring, including the development of proposals, consultation processes and implementation
  • undertaking risk analysis of staff affected by any such proposals
  • taking the lead on union consultation as appropriate
  • completing any statutory declarations
  • providing support to managers and staff during change programmes/restructures
  • managing situations that may result in potential redundancies throughout the Service Recipient where necessary, including consultation with the individuals concerned