Contract Administration

Objective: To ensure all contracts are issued, amended and/or brought to an end in an appropriate manner according to the terms and conditions of employment.

In respect of contract administration Service Provider provides services on:

  • liaising with Finance Grants to obtain full authorisation before commencement/continuation of employment of a member of staff
  • replying promptly to all requests for information
  • producing a probationary agreement/professional development plan including the appointment of a suitable member of staff to act as the probationer’s supervisor and advisor/mentor
  • manage performance effectively for probationers setting objectives, monitoring and providing support and coaching
  • provide human resources with confirmation that the probationary period is progressing satisfactorily and seek advice in cases where difficulties arise
  • write to the employee to confirm successful completion of the probationary period
  • advise staff well in advance of the fixed term contract expiry date of any uncertainties surrounding the renewal of the contract
  • pass letters of resignation on to human resources immediately and include confirmation of annual leave taken/outstanding
  • termination of employment must not take place without liaising with human resources or obtaining appropriate authorisation